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Tumblers Wrapped
5 Star Reviews
Limited Edition Marble Colors
Great For Small Tumbler Businesses
How many orders do you make a day 10...20...30 or even more? The Pinch Perfect is the production boost your business deserves.
Eases Hand Pain
The easy to use design allows you to take the stress of your hands and wrap your tumblers with just a pinch.
Perfect Tumbler Results
Bad seam lines, ghosting, and random white spots are the type of problems that can ruin your day, more importantly a good tumbler. Its time to get consistent results that are "Pinch Perfect"!

Double Pinch Perfects

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Pinch Perfect 
Colors For 
Single Pinch 

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If You Are Not Satisfied With Our Product We Will Send You A New One Or a Full Refund
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Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re here to help

Is The Pinch Perfect Only For 20oz Skinny Tumblers?

Yes, but not for long. We are in the process of making multiple sizing options including 30oz, 15oz, and 12oz. Subscribe to our email list below to be notified when they release.

What Is Your Satisfaction Guarantee?  

We want to make sure every customer is satisfied with their order. If you are not satisfied let us know and we will offer a full refund or a brand new Pinch Perfect that will get sent out the same day as your request. 

How Quickly Will My Order Ship?

We make an effort to make sure all orders are delivered as quickly as possible. Every order will be created and sent out within 24 hours of your purchase. 
What Is The Pinch Perfect Made From?
The Pinch Perfect is 3D Printed and made from PLA which is a form of plastic. We have gone through countless prototypes to make sure we deliver the best possible product to you. 

Is It Really As Easy To Use As It Is Advertised?

It may take a little bit of practice starting out but once you get the hang of it it is super simple to use.

Where Is The Pinch Perfect Made?

The Pinch Perfect is made in Ohio and run by a small family owned business.
Why Is It Not Fitting Correctly On My Tumbler? 
You should rarely ever have a problem with the Pinch Perfect not fitting properly around your tumbler. We have noticed in some cases that not all 20oz skinny tumblers are the same in diameter. Some are shaped a little funky and may not be exactly straight. If this is ever a problem we do recommend trying another tumbler and if that doesn't work let us know and we will get it figured out for you.
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