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How to make low cost backgrounds for content pictures.

How to make low cost backgrounds for content pictures.


How to make low cost backgrounds for pictures.-


  When you’re browsing the internet certain products, articles, and pictures grab your  attention, there is a reason for that. There was a blog post by Hubspot that’s stated “Content with relevant images gets 94% more views than content with out relevant images.” Also, “Researchers found that colored visuals increase peoples willingness to read a piece of content by 80%”. Basically, if you see a picture of something that catches your attention you are more likely to spend more time on that article, product sales pitch etc. 

When you look at some of those pictures you may think, those setups look super expensive and complicated. I’m not going to lie some are done in professional studios. However, today more than ever, many are done in peoples homes, backyards, or even out on  their deck. 

  Today I’m going to show you how to make and set up backgrounds for pictures with out breaking the bank. Giving you professional looking set up for content phots.


Let’s start with what you’ll need-  

*  tri-fold board

  • stick and peel wallpaper ( I recommend looking in the clearance bins at your local craft, home goods store) 
  • scissors 
  • razor blade
  • something with a flat straight edge to get out any air bubbles (I used a circuit burnishing tool). 


I  personally like to use a light back drop with my pictures, however depending on the season or what you’re selling you could use a darker one. If  you use a darker back drop you’ll have to watch that your props are lighter so that they don’t get lost in picture. If you notice my props tend to be darker resulting in a contrast with the final picture. 

  Make sure the wall paper is straight on the tri-fold board than adhere, use the burnishing tool to get out all the air bubbles. If you have a wallpaper with a pattern, like the brick on mine, you may have to line it up, (this could cause some excess waste so it’s better to plan on having more wallpaper than needed at the beginning.) Once all the tri-fold board is covered you can cut off the excess around the edges. 

You can use what ever size backdrop you need. Here are some smaller back drops I did with foam board and peel and stick  wallpaper from Dollar General. They are smaller but have nice contrast. I did them the same way I did the larger tri-fold board.


So there you have it, easy inexpensive drop drops for pictures you can use to advertise or sell your products. 

-Be happy, bee creative-

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