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What props to use for content photos and videos.

What props to use for content photos and videos.


What props you can use in your content pictures and posts.


My last blog I wrote about how to make inexpensive backgrounds for your content and what supplies to use when making them. In this post I’ll be writing about what props to use and where you can get them. First, I will encourage you to look around your house for props before going out and buying them. You’d be surprised how many things you have sitting around that can be used for posts and videos. If you have a friend or neighbor that has a surplus of cool stuff they may be able to let you borrow some for the afternoon for a photo shot. If you need ideas for what to look for here are some of my personal favorites. 

Everyone loves letter boards, they’re easy to repurpose with phrases and information. You can pick them up almost everywhere from Target to Walmart. I use mine with posts and videos, in the background they can have your company name or a cute phrase. Block letters can be used the same way to spell out a quote or the name of a product. Framed pictures with fun quotes, these can be picked up just about anywhere, if you have the time and ability you can make your own.     




      Apothecary Bins   They can be used for product placement, or interest in the background. I picked mine up at an end of the season sale at a local craft store. Wooden boxes/ frames they can do the same thing that the Apothecary Bins can do with a little more room to place bigger items. Fairy lights I love fairy lights, I got a box of them on Amazon really cheap. I love the way they add some sparkle and interest to a photo. Baskets, Bins and Mason jars are great when lined with Seasonal Fabric .  I pick my fabric up with the pre cut quarter yards, which is a lot less expensive than buying a yard at a time. 



Artificial Plants I use artificial plants in a lot of my photos and videos, because first of all I love plants, but I really feel it makes a nice soft natural background. You can pick up artificial plants just about anywhere, but I will recommend you stop in at your local craft store at their end of the season sales, you can get a lot for your money and they will last better than some cheaper ones. Right now Succulents  are really trending, they add some depth and color for sure. Trailing vines  are great to drape over the edge of your baskets , boxes, and frames. I like to use Ferns in the background of my pictures they give a nice fan effect. 

So there you have it a dozen or so props to use that you may already have in your home and if not, are easy to come by. The next time you set up a photo/video shot look around and see what you can use to make your content great.  

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